Chaulage du sol

Soil liming

Chaulage du sol Spray Green

Did you know that an overly acidic soil, with a pH between 4 and 6, attracts insects and increases the risks of diseases for your soil? The acidity of soil is influenced by rainfall, fertilizers, microorganism activity and the soil type. To control the acidity levels, the application of dolomitic lime is recommended. It allows for:

  • Modification of the clay structure of the soil
  • Improvement of soil aeration and drainage
  • Promotion of root and lawn growth
  • Stimulation of microbial activity

Spray Green certified technicians can provide you with a complete analysis of your soil after evaluating its pH levels. We can then apply lime to your soil during the fall, or we can deliver the lime to you if you already own a spreader. We can service the following regions: Delson, Candiac, Saint-Constant, La Prairie, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Philippe, Châteauguay, Mercier and Saint-Luc.

Chaulage du sol Spray Green