Fertilisation du terrain

Lawn fertilization

Fertilisation du terrain Spray Green

Do you want to improve or maintain the appearance of your lawn? Applying a high quality liquid fertilizer made with nitrogen and potassium is an effective way to get the results you want. This solution provides your lawn with essential nutrients and leads to quick and visible results.

Spray Green offers a 4-visit lawn fertilization program in Delson, Candiac, Saint-Constant and other Roussillon municipalities:

  • Visit 1: At the end of April or in May, an application of a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and iron to stimulate and reinvigorate the lawn, improve its density and provide an intense greening effect.
  • Visit 2: At the end of spring or beginning of summer, a second treatment to maintain the lovely green of the lawn and to ensure the soil is absorbing all of the nutrients it needs. (Includes weed control treatment)
  • Visit 3: During the summer, application of a fertilizer made with algae to ensure the lawn can withstand heat waves and to promote quick recovery after dry periods.
  • Visit 4: At the end of the summer or the beginning of fall, application of a fertilizer rich in potassium to strengthen the roots and protect the lawn against harsh winter conditions. (Includes weed control treatment)

Good to know: Our fertilizer is environmentally friendly, but does require a period of 3 hours after application before you can walk on the lawn. This allows the product to dry and to be properly absorbed by the blades of grass and the soil. If a weed control treatment is done at the same time, we recommend waiting 24 hours before stepping on the lawn.

Fertilisation du terrain Spray Green