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Crabgrass control

Crabgrass is a stubborn weed that is part of the grass family. That is why it is resistant to most anti-weed products. Many factors promote the growth of crabgrass, such as a sparse lawn and a hot, dry summer. Crabgrass generally appears on areas of lawns that border sidewalks, rather than spreading over the entire lawn.

You will most likely notice its presence during dry periods of the summer, as most of your grass will begin to yellow while the crabgrass will stay green!


How to get rid of crabgrass?

During the spring, to prevent the occurrence and spreading of crabgrass, it is important to reseed the sparse patches to ensure your entire lawn is thick and full, leaving no place for the crabgrass seeds. Otherwise, when it dies during the fall, it will distribute an enormous quantity of seeds that will germinate the following spring.

If your lawn is infected, certified Spray Green technicians can provide a localized anti-crabgrass treatment during the summer, while the plant is in the early stages of growth, in Delson, Candiac, La Prairie and surrounding areas. It is necessary to reseed the treated areas during the fall.

Good to know: Never use black soil, as it often contains weed and crabgrass seeds.