Aeration du terrain

Aeration of the soil

Aeration du terrain Spray Green

Aerating your soil every year or, at least, every two years is an excellent complement to fertilization and provides many benefits:

  • Better infiltration of water and fertilizer into the soil
  • Better oxygenation
  • Less water on the surface (reduced risk of fungal diseases)
  • Thatch decomposition
  • Increased resistance to heat
  • Fewer pest problems

Spray Green has all the necessary equipment to aerate your soil. This operation includes core aeration in accessible areas, to remove small cores and relieve soil compaction. Our team can provide service in Delson, Candiac, La Prairie and many other Roussillon municipalities.

Good to know: It is not necessary to remove the cores from your lawn. They can be used as topdressing and will disintegrate eventually. 

Aeration du terrain Spray Green